Free Master Classes for Entrepreneurs at Business Spring 2017

Free Master Classes for Entrepreneurs at Business Spring 2017

Franchising: Directions for Use (11.00-17.00, Baykal Room)

Pros and contras of franchising, practical advice to young businessmen and those who consider purchasing a franchise.
Moderated by Mikhail Feinberg, CEO, Akademiya Franchaisinga.
Organized by the state institution Maly Biznes Moskvy jointly with the newspaper Maly Biznes (MR-Pressa Publishing House).

Design Thinking (11.00-13.00, Ural Room)

Experts from Delovaya Sreda and Sberbank will talk about the development of breakthrough solutions based on the understanding of innermost human needs. Such solutions help companies and government organizations develop products, conduct research projects, test ideas, and work out appropriate strategies.
Speakers: Ekaterina Tulskaya, Director of Products and Services, Delovaya Sreda Innovations Lab; Olga Linnik, Head of Design Thinking Workshop, Retail Unit, Sberbank.
Organized by Maly Biznes Moskvy.

Horizontal Peer Learning as a Tool of Mutual Mentorship (11.00-13.00, Biryusa Room)
An experienced entrepreneur will demonstrate a practical approach to horizontal peer learning for small groups. All master class attendees will be involved in the process. At the end of the event, all of them will have a solution that meets their current business needs.
Speaker: Egor Evlannikov, Program Director, Equium.
Organized by Maly Biznes Moskvy jointly with Preactum and Equium.

Consulting Support for Entrepreneurs (11.00-13.00, Biryusa Room)

An expert-led Q&A session and practical advice on sales, marketing, and public procurement.
Speakers: Semyon Fomin, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Sales Effect; Alexei Morozov, Marketing Director, Rybakov Fund; ,Rafael Manvelyan, CEO, AtomGuru.
Organized by Maly Biznes Moskvy jointly with Preactum.

Participating in Public Procurement Contracts: Reading Them Right and Avoiding Pitfalls (15.30-17.00, Ural Room)

Latest legislative changes pertaining to public procurement contracts.
Speaker: Maria Kazarina, Lecturer, ELKOD Education Center.
Organized by Maly Biznes Moskvy jointly with ELKOD

Business Spring is an annual event, where business owners, professional managers and specialists together with representatives of the local government and experts discuss areas of collaboration and address actions necessary to boost entrepreneurship and create an appealing investment climate in Moscow.