Вход в Техноград

Located at VDNKh, Technograd is a unique venue offering new career navigation, training and edutainment opportunities for people of all ages. Technograd is a joint project of the Government of Moscow, Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Development, Moscow Agency of Innovations, and JSC VDNKh.

Contact information


Moscow, Prospekt Mira, 119, bld.63


+7 (495) 011-09-63,

+7 (495) 103-96-16



Technograd provides innovative educational programs in more than 40 popular professions in 6 areas: services, creative industries, digital technologies, urban infrastructure, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and social skills.

Technograd occupies the total area of 35.5 thousand square meters at the premises of VDNKh Knowledge Park. Technograd's pavilions feature 2,960 units of modern professional equipment used in educational activities. Among Technograd's partners are well-known companies. Classes are taught by specialists from Moscow's leading universities and colleagues, industry practitioners, and business coaches.

Visitors are encouraged to take career profiling tests, participate in exciting master classes, and take upskilling and reskilling courses. Programs are designed for various age groups – from elementary school students to retirement-age people.

Families with children can take advantage of special weekend programs. Technograd is also open to organizations, which can enroll in professional development programs for enterprise customers.



Cook, Baker, Pastry Cook, Waiter, Barista.

ART.TECHOGRAD (Creative industries):

Industrial Designer (Jeweler), Interior Designer, Graphic Designer, Hairdresser, Beautician, Photographer, Sound Director, Animation Artist, Video Editor.

TSIFRA.TECHNOGRAD (Digital technologies):

Programmer, Electronic Device Specialist, IT Systems and Networks Specialist, CAD Specialist, Enterprise Software Specialist, Composite Materials Specialist, Drone Operator, Robotics Technician, IT Specialist.

URBAN.TECHNOGRAD (Urban infrastructure):

Construction Foreman,  Ecologist, Hospitality Specialist, Construction Electrician, Utility Systems Maintenance Specialist, Landscape Designer, Carpenter, Construction Finishing Specialist, Chemical Laboratory Assistant, Laser Technology Specialist, Dry Cleaning Specialist.

PROM.TECHNOGRAD (Manufacturing):

CNC Operator, Additive Technology Specialist, Aircraft Manufacturing Specialist, Welding Specialist, Car Mechanic.

BUSINESS.TECHNOGRAD (Entrepreneurship):

Game-based educational project modules for schoolchildren, entrepreneurial programs for university students and young specialists, and cyber sports.