Sport Innovations 2018

The international exhibition Sport Innovations 2018 is dedicated to new technologies in the sports industry: media, broadcasting, big data, business analytics, AR/VR, social media, and medical technologies.

22 november 09:30 - 21.00 free of charge Moscow, Volokolamskoye Shosse, 69, Otkrytie Arena Stadium

The exhibition will feature latest solutions and developments from local and international companies catering to the sports industry, such as sporting equipment manufacturers, production studios, digital and data agencies, IT companies, specialized developers of athlete performance technologies, ticket platform developers, gear manufacturers, etc. 

The exhibition will also include Innovative Technologies in the Sports Industry, a conference dedicated to research in amateur and professional sports.

Key topics

Innovations in sports venue management: equipment, apps, ads, ticketing solutions, payment and security systems, fan outreach.
Data analytics in sports: data acquisition, analysis and representation; recording and playback systems; performance-critical data assessment; technological aids in refereeing (GLT, VAR, and others). Uniform and training equipment, sports medicine.
Digital solutions in team sports, AR/VR, big data in fan and partner relations, sites and apps, social media, betting solutions.
Innovations in sports content production and broadcasting: live technologies, graphics, animation, data integration and post production, second screen solutions, streaming and satellite data transmission.
Technology in amateur sports, fitness and recreational activities.

The following teams and organizations have confirmed their participation in the event: the Russian national football team, the Continental Hockey League, Telesport Group, Sellout Sport System, Newman Sport & Business Consulting, FC Zenit St. Petersburg, the medical committee of the Russian Football Union, and others.

Guest speakers include Gijs Beenker, lead educational consultant at STATS (the world's leading sports data and technology company); Alex Velikih, football scout for Italian teams; Andreas Cüppers, head of the digital development department at Borussia Mönchengladbach; and others.