Fin Data Conference

13 december free of charge Mariott Novy Arbat, Moscow, Novy Arbat 32

The Fin Data Conference 2018 will take place on December 13 at Marriott Novy Arbat. The event is focused on big data technologies in the financial industry.

In the age of digitization and global innovation, financial companies tend to become data-driven and make decisions based on insights from data. The implementation of effective data analysis technologies is key to ensuring sustainable growth.

Target audience: 

  • IT directors
  • R&D managers
  • Data scientists
  • Risk managers
  • Marketing directors
  • Data analysts
  • Business development directors
  • Fintech specialists

Key topics: 

  • How to become a data-driven company and cope with challenges stemming from the harsh regulatory environment?
  • How does GDPR affect the development of data analytics solutions?
  • How to prepare your infrastructure for transition?
  • At what stage of transition from automation to robotization are modern banks and fintech companies?
  • Can in-house talent alone enable the shift to robotization in financial companies? 
  • How to reconcile the needs of IT and analytical departments?
  • What is the real cost of designing a robotic solution?
  • Does hiring a strong data science team guarantee the development of an efficient system?
  • How to achieve ROI in data analysis and is it worth developing customized solutions?
  • What are the main applications of big data in financial companies, how to reconcile marketing and risks, and how will new data management technologies change business processes?
  • Is a quick shift from big data to smart data possible?