A!ONE, the first large-scale international conference on artificial intelligence, will take place at the Digital Leadership Center in Moscow on December 14-16.

14 - 16 december free of charge Digital Leadership Center, Moscow, Kosmodamianskaya embankment 52/7 http://aione.world/

Organized by the Science Guide company, the conference is designed to bring together AI specialists from all over the world to discuss common challenges and opportunities. 

More than 100 representatives of large companies will talk about their R&D projects and share views on the outlook for AI in various industries in conversation with investors and businessmen. Among the companies that have confirmed their participation in the event are IBM, Nvidia, JP Morgan, Frost & Sullivan, Imaginovation, Alibaba Cloud, Amazon, Sistema VC, Prizma, Robomed Network, Alibaba Cloud, BMW, and 500 Startups. All of them have implemented AI to some extent in their business processes. Speakers include Marvin Liao (500 Startups), Ivan Novikov (Wallarm), Saqr Ereikat (IBM), and many others.

Seven industries have been identified as flagships for AI: medicine, finance, agriculture, retail, energy, marketing, and creative arts.

According to forecasts of major analytical firms such as Goldman Sachs, PwC, and Deloitte, the development of AI technologies is expected to drive entrepreneurial growth and business opportunities across a wide range of industries.

The mission of A!ONE is to shape an international artificial intelligence community that will bridge the needs of scientists, businessmen, and investors and create an international ecosystem for the development of innovative projects.

A!ONE features a multifaceted agenda that includes a hackathon, business cases, poster sessions, a Startup Alley event, and a presentation of “300 AI Companies and AI Startups International Report 2018” dedicated to top AI companies and startups from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Finland. The Startup Alley will feature an Idea Pitch session, where startups with finished products will introduce themselves to potential investors and business partners.