Growth Hacking: Mobile App

How to improve LTV and retention rate though a deep in-app analysis of trajectories. Learn retentioneering to analyze growth points, detect bugs, and improve UI experiences.

9 february 11:00-18.30 free of charge Moscow, Bersenevskaya Emb., 6, Digital October

Target audience:

  • Analysts
  • Product managers
  • Marketing specialists
  • Business owners
  • UI experts

You will learn to:

  • Better understand users
  • Improve your app's business efficiency by analyzing and changing trajectories
  • Identify unreported problems and bugs
  • Find bottlenecks and growth points
  • Use Python tools to gain valuable daily insights
  • Apply new skills to optimize key app business metrics


  • Mobile app analytics
  • What is a user trajectory?
  • User types and problem types 
  • Key tools of retentioneering
  • Case study: successful onboarding, account removal, and LTV

Why you should attend

Day one – theory and cases from the speaker's personal experience, day two – hands-on activities, cases from students.
The curator will share access to the Git repository with all the tools and give advice on how to analyze trajectories and use retentioneering tools.
After the workshop, you'll be able to carry out an in-depth analysis of in-app user behavior.
During the week between the classes, students will do assignments provided by the curator.