Cloud Innovation: New Cloud Services

16 september all day for a fee Moscow, Bolshoi Boulevard, 42, bld. 1, Skolkovo Technology Park

What are the drivers and inhibitors of the Russian cloud services market?  What new technologies will contribute to the expansion of available services? What segments will demonstrate the highest growth in the next few years? These questions will be addressed by the market experts at the conference.


  • The Russian cloud services market: when to expect consolidation and who will occupy key positions
  • Exporting cloud services: how to sell IaaS to western customers
  • How does a higher cloud trust changes customer demands?
  • Cloud services as a digitalization driver
  • Hyperconvergence as a way to reduce costs
  • Clouds for developers: container virtualization
  • New cloud opportunities: Sensor as a Service, Data as a Service, etc.
  • How to replicate Amazon: which of the Russian providers will be able to provide a full range of cloud services?
  • How to ensure the resiliency of critical systems in the cloud?
  • IoT cloud systems: the future is already here
  • Why do government customers still prefer private clouds?
  • What is the government's role in the development of the cloud market?
  • Case study: how government organization migrate to cloud
  • Safety and continuity: how to implement key requirements for e-government services
  • Speed is more important than cost: how cloud services reduce time to market for new products