Esports 2019: Faster, Higher, Pricier

The esports industry is stepping out of its niche and joining the mainstream. Last year, according to Newzoo, the global esports revenues soared 37.4% to reach $900 million.

21 march - 21 february for a fee Moscow, Khodynsky Boulevard, 4, Gamer Stadium

Statista valued the market at $906 million, with the highest revenue growth recorded in media rights acquisitions (+88.5%) and sponsorships (+50.6%). According to Morgan Stanley, occasional viewers make up the primary esports audience amounting to 215 million viewers in 2018 versus 160 million two years earlier. The number of genuine enthusiasts is also on the rise – 165 million in 2018 versus 121 million in 2016.

The International 8, the “Dota 2” world championship boasted a record breaking $25.5 million prize pool. The global audience for the “League Of Legends” finals exceeded 200 million people. With such an impressive background, esports can no longer be viewed as mere games, but rather as a booming industry with tremendous investment and marketing potential. 

Nielsen Sports estimates that Russia's esports audience surpassed 10.2 million viewers in early 2018, reflecting a year-on-year growth rate of 22-25%. With this in mind, Gazprom's TV arm Gazprom Media made a decision to invest in an esport content-driven project titled Sector Esport and a large-scale esports festival scheduled for this October.

Organized by the Kommersant Publishing House, the event will bring together key players of the esports industry.


16:00 – 16:30 Registration

16:30 – 18:30 Discussion

18:30 -19:30 Tournament

19:30 Award Ceremony. Networking. DJ Performance


Vladislav Novy, deputy head of the media and telecommunications department, Kommersant;
Svyatoslav Bocharov, editor-in-chief,

Key topics:

1. Industry trends
What do esports need to be able to leave their niche and get a national and global recognition as actual sports? Why has even Fortnite failed to“hook” the world on esports? What esport genres will be relevant tomorrow and what games are worthy of betting on in the coming years?

2. Global landscape
Investing in esports and brand promotion: what practices have been adopted in Russia? What can bring tangible results? What are Russia's advantages for the esports industry?

3. Why does business need esports?
Over the past year, many new ideas have been tested in Russia. At the same time, there is no clear roadmap for harnessing the industry's potential. What exactly to invest in? How to find the right approach to your audience and strengthen brand reputation? We'll have a look at several Russian cases from the leaders of this market.

4. Government and large business involvement in Russian esports
What type of organizations can drive the development of the industry across Russia? Can the state's involvement have a favorable impact on the industry?

5. Mobile esports, VR and AR, artificial intelligence - technologies of the future
Can esports of the future be based on the interaction or even rivalry of man and artificial intelligence? The decision of Wargaming to seriously promote mobile esports - will it bear fruit? When will esports in VR and AR become relevant?

6. Advertising agencies in esports. Panel discussion
Panelists will address the following questions: What type of advertising is the most effective in esports? How does advertising affect the esports business, teams, tournaments and events? How to build an advertising campaign in esports?