RosPharma: The Journey to Technology Leadership

Strengthening the national pharmaceutical market ranks high on the list of industry priorities of the Russian government. Driven by the Pharma 2020 National Program, local manufacturers have significantly expanded the range and availability of high-quality pharmaceuticals.

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Pharma 2030, Russia's national strategy for the development of the pharmaceutical industry, retains the focus on import substitution and aims to ensure the national pharmaceutical security in current macroeconomic and political conditions.

At the same time, the strategy puts emphasis on increasing the competitiveness of Russian manufacturers on the global market, supporting innovation, and developing local competencies in chemical and biological synthesis of pharmaceutical substances. It also contains a set of proposals to boost pharmaceutical exports.

Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation:
“In Pharma 2030, we set ambitious goals, including the breakthrough scientific, technological and socially-oriented development of the pharmaceutical industry, the creation of a highly productive export-oriented sector and, as a result, growth in pharmaceutical exports by at least four times over 2017 – up to 1 billion US dollars per year. Our strategic objectives are to provide the industry with qualified personnel and increase the life expectancy of the population. I am confident that meeting these objectives will bring our pharmaceutical industry to a new level.”

Key topics

  • What new goals does the government set in Pharma 2030? What can hinder their achievement?
  • What programs and projects will be prioritized by the state ?
  • What impact will Industry 4.0 have on the pharmaceutical business? What are the changes in the approach of some largest international companies to doing business in Russia?
  • Where to get money for R&D? What niches are most attractive for venture investors and how to turn science into a profitable business?
  • Will Russia be able to become a prominent player in the highly profitable international clinical research market?
  • How does the pharmaceutical business help the development of Russia's regions, and what do these regions do to help pharmaceutical companies?
  • How to bring the IT and pharmaceutical industries closer to each other?
  • What complicates the promotion of pharmaceutical companies in pharmacy chains?
  • How can pharmaceutical companies secure legal protection in a highly competitive market?