Government Subsidies for Businesses

To raise awareness of support available to innovative companies, the Government of Moscow has a introduced a range of online services.

Residents of Moscow's technology parks are eligible for subsidies worth up to 200 million rubles to cover interest payments on equipment acquisition loans and up to 100 million rubles to cover lease payments, equipment acquisition costs (up to 15%, but not more than 10 million rubles), loan interest payments (up to 10 million rubles, but not more than the key interest rate of Russia's central bank), and equipment lease costs (up to 15%, but not more than 10 million rubles).

Moscow's small and medium-sized research and manufacturing companies can receive subsidies to partially cover their participation at exhibitions and trade shows (50% of the total costs incurred and verified, but not more than 350 thousand rubles for domestic events, and not more 700 thousand rubles for events abroad).


The Government of Moscow's awards to young scientists were first introduced in 2013. Participation in the competition is open to researchers under 36 years of age and doctors of science of up to 40 years of age. Applications are accepted from single individuals as well as from teams of up to three people. Each winner is awarded an honorary diploma and a cash prize of 1.5 million rubles.


The Government of Moscow and the Russian Fundamental Research Foundation begin to accept applications for funding research projects. Following the selection procedure, 50 grants worth 4 million rubles each will be awarded to young scientists. Funding will be provided by the parties on a parity basis, i.e. each of them will invest 100 million rubles over two years. Eligible for grants are young researchers working in Moscow science organizations and institutions of higher education.


Moscow Venture Investment Development Fund The fund provides preferential loans to seed and pre-seed projects that have secured initial private funding from approved investors.

The goal of this initiative is to support existing and encourage new investors to finance Moscow-based startups at early stages.


Moscow Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing Fund The fund supports local manufacturers as well as small and medium-sized entrepreneurs participating in state procurement contracts. Loan can be provided to legal entities (LLCs, JSCs regardless the state's participation); manufacturing enterprises registered as taxpayers in Moscow (with at least 50% of revenues coming from primary business activities as verified by the Social Insurance Fund); management companies of local technology parks and industrial areas.


Moscow Small Business Credit Assistance Fund

The fund provides collateral for the obligations of small and medium-sized businesses to creditors. It promotes the development of small and medium-sized businesses by improving the availability of borrowed financial resources. The fund reduces the risks of lending to SME borrowers and provides borrowers with guarantees to creditors.