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      • Certification bodies/Test labs
        +7 (499) 262 15 93 Nizhegorodskaya (MCC)
      • "Kinetika" Inzhiniringovyi centr bystrogo promyshlennogo prototipirovaniia vysokoi slozhnosti NITU "MISiS"
        The prototyping engineering center is a universal hi-tech platform for complex multi-industry projects.
        Engineering/prototyping centers
        Russia, Moscow, Leninsky Avenue, 4 +7 (929) 588 57 64 Oktyabrskaya
      • "OFFICECUBE"
        OfficeCube is a chain of coworking spaces with 24/7 access. OfficeCube offers international office-sharing opportunities in the world's largest cities.
        Coworking center
        Russia, Moscow, 1st Brestskaya Street, 35 +7 (495) 177 94 59
        Small innovative companies
        Moscow, Grina Street, 7с2 +7 (917) 564 62 52 Bulvar Dmitriya Donskogo
      • #tceh
        As an ecosystem, #tceh includes the following components: Infrastructure (a chain of technology-specific coworking centers); Methodology (seasoned mentors and communities); Education (applied knowledge and educational projects). #tceh #edu provides advanced training in IT (development and administration), business (organization and KPI-based development) and marketing (digital and data driven).
        Coworking center
        Russian Federation, Moscow, Myasnitskaya Street, 13с18 +7 (499) 647 51 02
      • 3D Ideas
        3D Ideas is an innovative project designed to facilitate the emergence of youth technology startups, to train future specialists in 3D prototyping, and to introduce larger audiences to existing 3D technologies and equipment. It also acts as a production facility for small-batch 3D prototype manufacturing.
        Youth innovation and creativity centers
        Russian Federation, Moscow, Perovskaya Street, 66Д +7 (903) 710 29 43; +7 (495) 647 86 48
      • 3D Prototyping and Electronics Center
        Featured services for industrial customers and startups: product prototyping and small-batch manufacturing for testing purposes; concept design development and 3D modeling; preparation to serial production.
        Engineering/prototyping centers
        Russian Federation, Moscow, Tvardovskogo Street, 8с1 +7 (495) 248 00 88 ext 2024; +7 (903) 004 92 22 Strogino
      • 3D microscopy and spectroscopy system
        The 3D microscopy and spectroscopy system enables high-definition studies of the structure and functions of biological nanoparticles, such as macromolecules, subcellular organelles, and miniature organisms. Thanks to electron tomography and single particle analysis techniques, the system helps conduct comprehensive research of the 3D structure and chemical composition of biological objects and reconstruct macromolecules and cellular organelles.
        Unique displays and installations
        Russian Federation, Moscow, Leninskiye Gory Microdistrict, 1с12 +7 (495) 939 17 04 Lomonosovsky Prospekt
      • 3D proble microscopy system
        The 3D probe correlative microscopy system enables studies of different types of materials, including biological samples, by applying scanning probe, ultramicrotomy and optical microscopy methods to a single sample.
        Unique displays and installations
        Russian Federation, Moscow, Miklukho-Maklaya Street, 16/10с4 +7 (495) 330 59 74 Belyaevo
        ABBYY Infopoisk is a research unit of ABBYY Group, a global provider of content intelligent solutions and services.
        Scientific organizations
        Russian Federation, Moscow, Otradnaya Street, 2Бс6 +7 (495) 783 37 00 Otradnoe