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Technology parks with status
Temp Technology Park
Russian Federation, Moscow, Kavkazsky Boulevard, 59
+7 (499) 551 99 09 доб. 100

The core of the technology park is Temp Radio Enterprise. Areas of specialization include radio equipment, energy efficiency, energy saving and security, IT, nanotechnologies, high-precision instrument engineering, space, telecommunications, and healthcare technologies. Advantages: low lease rates for residents (from 4000 rubles per square meter a year); access to government initiatives and subsidies; fixture reimbursements; unique manufacturing premises. The technology park is equipped with unique labs for precision laser cutting, metal and resistive film deposition, plasma etching, conductor deposition, photolithography and chip orientation measurement. Further areas of development include ICT, biotech, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, instrument engineering, chemical engineering, materials, robotics, medtech, nanotech, and power engineering.