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Technology parks with status
MSU Science Park
Russian Federation, Moscow, Leninskiye Gory Microdistrict, 1с77
+7 (495) 930 84 54

The technology park is located at the premises of the Moscow State University. The mission of MSU Science Park is to drive innovation to fuel structural changes in the economy of Moscow. The park has over 11 500 square meters of floor space hosting 140 small and medium research and service enterprises that employ over 2500 people. The annual turnover of the park's resident companies approaches 5 billion rubles. Free consulting to companies at the pre-seed stage. For companies at the seed stage – business development planning services, scouting for project team members through educational programs, assistance with securing investors for the first round. Other services include marketing research, legal advice, risk assessments, client sourcing, etc. Priority industries include environment management, ICT, aerospace, electronics, instrument engineering, chemical engineering, materials, robotics, and power engineering.