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Technology parks with status
Polyus Technology Park
Russian Federation, Moscow, Vvedenskogo Street, 3к3
+7 (495) 334 94 84

The technology park is based at the premises of the Institute of Quantum Electronics, also known as Stelmach Polyus Research Institute (a part of Schvabe Holding, a subsidiary of Rostech). In the next five years, more than 337 million rubles will be invested into Polyus. The new structure will specialize on laser, optic and microelectronic technologies. The technology park occupies a territory of 6.74 hectares. The total capital construction area is more than 74 thousand square meters. The development potential of the territory is approximately 25 thousand square meters. Currently, the park hosts 36 companies that together employ more than two thousand people. The park has a shared resource center that includes a nitrogen unit, a glass processing center, a metal processing center, and a test center. In addition to the manufacturing of laser and optical devices, the technology park will be involved in the organization of relevant training programs. It will also host an educational center dedicated to materials science and quantum electronics.