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Coworking center
Coworking Center at YICC Proyektnye Masterskiye
Russian Federation, Moscow, Derbenevskaya Street, 20с25
+7 (499) 550 24 23

Proyektnye Masterskiye (Project Workshops) represents a new type of vocational and learning environment that bring togethers theory and practice, science and innovation. The center's mission is to foster project-based collaborations in creative industries. Proyektnye Masterskiye targets several groups: university students, young architects and designers, and secondary school students. With the total floor area of 500 square meters, the venue hosts a coworking center, a sewing shop, a 3D modeling and prototyping shop, project studios, and auditoriums for lectures and seminars. The venue's own design bureau lets visitors undergo training programs based on the Assol CAD system and print patterns on a wide-format plotter.