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Coworking center
WorkPlace Fashion
Russia, Moscow, Izmaylovskoye Highway, 73Жс34
+7 (999) 961 87 46

WorkPlace Fashion is a space where designers are not distracted by life, but are focused only on their business among like-minded people. At their disposal: own office (already in the office: bright lighting, large table, storage system, table light, hung up), infrastructure (bright room of cutting tables, mannequins, ironing systems, scissors, rippers, centimeter ribbons, rulers), 24-hour access without days off, kitchen (separate room for a lunch break: kettle, microwave, refrigerator), free parking (for designers and their guests, there is always parking 10 meters from the entrance), cleanliness and order (all rubbish is removed during a three-time general home cleaning). Fashion house consists of several parts and all this is at the disposal of designers! Own office, hall with large cutting tables, cafe-kitchen, fitting room. You can transport your belongings and equipment, using the resources of the entire space. The subscription is not only a workplace and tools. This is also a fitting room with unlimited access. Sketch a sketch, take measurements, talk face to face in a spacious and bright room. Offices are not rented here, but offer a subscription with access to the entire Fashion House, including the selected cabinet assigned to the designer.