Semantic MDM
Semantic MDM

Semantic MDM — Master Data Management for industrial production, integrated with CAD.


Semantic MDM provides global identification and synchronization of information objects, eliminates duplication of master data, allows you to operate object relationships and perform a semantic search (SDI patent) at high speed.

Target audience

Large industrial enterprises and holdings.

Key features
  • Three-tier architecture, cloud version, cross-platform application server WildFly, various databases.
  • Fast, multi-criteria and faceted object search.
  • Semantic search (SDI patent).
  • The ability to inherit attributes down the class hierarchy.
  • User rights management.
  • Batch editing — transactionality of operations for changing master data and much more.
  • Ability to create simple attributes (string, integer, real, Boolean, …) and complex attributes (array, interval, deviation).
  • Calculated attributes.
  • Storage of documents, files associated with objects.
  • Import / export master data in xml and xls format.
Quality Benefits
  • Object-oriented model of master data
  • A single glossary of terms and notations.
  • Semantic search.
  • Integration with leading CAD.
Price Advantages

Reduction of labor intensity of cooperation of enterprise divisions:

  • Reduction of costs for the formation of consolidated statements;
  • Reduction of expenses for centralized purchases;
  • Reduction of complexity of integration of PLM components.

Experts' opinion

Dassault Systèmes
«This is a very interesting solution and we look forward to working with SDI on the integration project Semantic MDM with SolidWorks».