Universal service platform that solves the problem of managing network traffic of any volume.

  • CG-NAT,
  • URL Filtering,
  • BRAS,
  • QoE,
  • DPI.
Target audience
  • Telecom,
  • Broadband providers.
Key features

CG-NAT: supports different types of address translation at the same time: CG-NAT/PAT, Basic NAT, static 1: 1 translation. Up to 160 Gb/s
URL-Filtering: http/https filtering
BRAS: able to serve up to 250 000 active ISP-subscribers for whom speed limit rules are set in both directions.
QoE: Diagnose problems within the NAT subscriber
No need to install any devices, probes and SOFTWARE on the subscriber’s side
No need to send diagnostic packages
It is possible to install on a copy of traffic, does not affect the quality of services
Universal mechanism: works with all devices, access technologies and service models
The functionality of the QoE can be combined in a single device with other useful DPI functions.

Quality Benefits

Reasonable price, high quality, alternative to known vendors

Price Advantages

The price is lower than similar solutions of well-known vendors. Total cost depends on volume, partnership level, customer tasks and possible integration method.

Experts' opinion

R.S Vijingis,
CEO, Dialog company:

“URL-filtering and support are the best quality”

Aleksey Ivanenko,
BDM, Ecotelecom company:

“We use NAT with more than 50 000 ISP-subscribers, there were no problems with it”