JaCarta Management System (JMS)

JaCarta Management System (JMS)
JaCarta Management System (JMS)

JMS is a corporate system for accounting and managing the USB tokens and smart cards from different manufacturers (JaCarta, eToken, etc.). It allows you to automate typical operations when working with USB tokens and smart cards, to provide flexible configuration of their usage policies, and to provide centralized management of access to corporate systems by such devices.
Built in JMS tools of reporting and document printing allow you to monitor the status of devices and to automate the creation of the documents of such devices life cycle.
Automatic synchronization of USB tokens and smart cards with the JMS database and widespread certification authority systems makes it possible to instantly bring the contents of all amounts of corporate USB tokens and smart cards to the actual state.


JMS provides automated management of USB tokens and smart cards, flexible configuring of their usage policies, and centralized management of access to corporate systems by such devices.

Target audience

Medium and large enterprises and corporations, banks, and other financial organizations, as well as government agencies, ministries and departments that use more than 100 USB tokens and smart cards, if they have the need to enforce information security policies, or if existing authentication tools are used in several company branches.

Key features
  • Automatic accounting of tokens, certificates, and computers using tokens
  • Management of the life cycle of tokens and certificates from enrollment to revocation
  • Centralized management of security policies for USB tokens and smart cards
  • Auditing the actions of users and administrators using the JMS logging
  • Creating reports both by separate departments of the organization, and by whole company branches network
  • Print subsystem for creating and printing requests for enrollment, replacement and revocation of the token or certificates
  • User self-service while operating with tokens without contacting the IT department
  • Synchronization with external systems to track changes in their and update JMS own database
  • Support for company multi-branch structure for tracking the movement of tokens and differentiation of access rights for JMS administration
Quality Benefits
  • Increase efficiency by automating work with tokens, reducing the number of human errors and reducing employee downtime
  • Fast JMS implementation due to the maximum automation of the installation and configuration process
  • High scalability and performance (accounting and management of 1,000,000 tokens are possible)
  • Simple user interface for the users and administrators
  • Support of widespread certification authority systems
  • Low total cost of ownership due to inclusion of all necessary functions in the delivery package (afterwards only technical support is paid)
  • Flexibility in configuration and modification due to an open API allowing you to integrate JMS with other information systems
Price Advantages

JMS is a “off-the-shelf” product that is fully universal and ready for use after minor customization for specific customer’s requirements / infrastructure. JMS deployment takes totally from 2 to 5 days and costs in the amount from 0 to 200,000 roubles.

Aladdin R.D. provides paid basic technical JMS support including the solving the main problems and the installation of all product updates. The annual technical support cost is 30 percent of the cost of purchased product licenses and additional options. If you purchase JMS, the first year of basic technical support is provided free of charge.

The support of JMS requires one full-time specialist per 10,000 users.

JMS is shipped with Russian and English user interface.

Experts' opinion

Anatoly Ivanov,
Deputy Director of the Department of Special Activities and Information Security of JSC RusHydro

«The choice in favor of JMS is also due to the fact that the use of a comprehensive solution, which created on the basis of products and technologies from the single developer, solves a large number of both the organizational and the technical and operational issues».

Andrey Kosarev,
Head of the Project for the Implementation of the JMS of the Information Security Department of the Pension Fund of Russia

«The project that implemented in the Pension Fund of Russia is timely and relevant, taking into account the state policy on import substitution and loyalty to Russian manufacturers».