WorksPad turns iOS and Android smartphones and tablets into a genuine Enterprise Mobile Workplace, giving users all tools they need for everyday work: corporate email, contacts and shared calendars, access to documents within corporate network and on office PC with editing capabilities, web-access to intranet systems and corporate portals. All within one secure application.


Use of WorksPad helps organizations achieve the following:

  • Improve productivity of mobile work by allowing multitasking on mobile devices within one unified application;
  • Reduce the cost of supporting mobile device users by standardizing the software used;
  • Improve security by expansion of the protected corporate perimeter on mobile devices; guarantee digital sovereignty
  • Compliance with legal requirements for personal data by ensuring the privacy of the device user’s data through the complete separation of corporate and personal data on the mobile device
  • WorksPad is ideal for corporate mobility in COPE and BYOD models as a standalone solution or as a part of EMM ecosystem.

Target audience
  • Commercial companies
  • State organizations
Key features

WorksPad combines in one mobile application:

  • corporate email, calendars and address book,
  • secure intranet browser
  • file manager for secure access, sync and share of corporate data,
  • PC and mobile devices file synchronization tool (corporate dropbox),
  • embedded file editor
  • enterprise chatbot platform (coming soon)
WorksPad web client allows you to access corporate documents from any PC running Windows, Mac OS, Linux. Server part of the product can be deployed in your datacenter, private cloud, or used as a service (SaaS) from service provider. WorksPad does not require public clouds usage.

Quality Benefits

WorksPad uniqueness is based on two cornerstones – key differentiators from other MDM/EMM solution:

  • Combining productivity tools in a single application with common navigation in a multi-screen interface supporting multitasking user mode.
  • EMM benefits without MDM restrictions: focus on managing and securing enterprise data, enclosed in one secure “container”.
  • WorksPad helps organization to be GDPR compliant.
  • WorksPad allows to drive digital sovereignty as it does not require public cloud for the operation.

Price Advantages

WorksPad allow to decrease TCO of enterprise mobility solution. There is no need to deploy and support a variety of applications for different business tasks as all of them are combined in one WorksPad mobile app.

Experts' opinion

Alex Vieux,
publisher and CEO of Red Herring

“In 2018, selecting the top achievers was by no means a small feat. But after much thought, rigorous contemplation and discussion, we narrowed our list down from hundreds of candidates from across Europe to the Top 100 Winners. We believe MobilityLab LLC. embodies the vision, drive and innovation that define a successful entrepreneurial venture. MobilityLab should be proud of its accomplishment, as the competition was very strong.”

Pavel Karasev,
the ICT manager Chiesi Pharmaceuticals LLC

“We have studied a lot of different solutions and selected enterprise mobile workplace WorksPad. It suites us per all parameters, as it has a full set of functions that turn mobile devices into productive and secure working places for our employees.”

Eugene Charkin,
CIO of “Russian Railways“

“We plan to expand the use of WorksPad to the whole company, to connect the remaining 15 roads before the end of the year. Mobile access will become a reality for tens of thousands of our employees.”


WorksPad has been repeatedly recognized as a leader in the Russian and international market:

  • “Red Herring Top-100 Europe 2018” Winner
  • One of “50 Most Important Brands 2017” per the Silicon Review
  • One of “20 Most Promising Solutions in the Field of BYOD” by magazine CIO Review (USA)
  • “BEST 2015 SOFT” per PC Magazine/RE
  • 1st place in two categories of Web&Tech Ready 2015
  • “Best Solution of the Year in the Field of Corporate Mobility 2014” CNews Award


What mobile OS does WorksPad support?
Android 5 and higher, iOS 9 and higher.

BYOD approach has expanded the range of threats to information security. How do you endure corporate data security?
We understand that in BYOD traditional means of protection are often irrelevant. WorksPad addresses these threats providing rich security managements policies and tools which help preventing the leakage of corporate data, e.g. watermarks, user action logs, “open-in” policies, “corporate email only” policies, etc.

How easy is it to deploy WorksPad?
Yes, it is easy to deploy into your current infrastructure. It is fully compatible with Microsoft infrastructure, including Office 365. It can also be consumed from your service provider’s cloud.