Zecurion DLP
Zecurion DLP

Zecurion DLP (Data Loss Prevention) — innovative solutions to ensure reliable data loss prevention that gives organizations full control on data transmission and user behavior. Zecurion DLP includes Device Control, Traffic Control, Discovery. Zecurion Traffic Control — provides interception, analysis and filtering of network traffic, as well as transfer of data and incident information to the Database server. Zecurion Device Control — is an endpoint security solution that controls access to a wide range of internal and external hardware devices. It can control file print operations based on the file content. Zecurion Discovery can perform both, local and remote scanning for sensitive data through all corporate data storages.


The solution monitors all local and network data leakage channels, intercepts all traffic leaving the corporate network, detects sensitive information being transmitted, and based on established security policies allows or restricts the transmission of data. All intercepted traffic is archived and further investigated for analysis of any data loss incidents. Zecurion DLP controls the following:

  • Corporate e-mail
  • Emails and attachments sent via webmail services
  • Employees on social networks, forums and blogs (HTTP / HTTPS)
  • Communications Internet messenger — ICQ, Mail.Ru Agent, QIP, Google Talk and more than ten other systems, including Skype
  • FTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and other network channels
  • Files recorded on USB-drives and any external devices
  • Printing on local and network printers, and other leakage channels
  • Access to sensitive data stored on users’ computers, servers and backup media.

Target audience
  • Enterprise Solutions,
  • Small and Medium Business (SMB)
Key features

Zecurion’s data loss prevention (DLP) solution is an easy-to-use system that secures confidential data at rest, in motion, at the endpoint, in the network and in the cloud. It complies with regulations. With pricing and configurations friendly to SMBs as well as large enterprises, Zecurion’s DLP is quick and easy to integrate into existing IT infrastructures. The solution supports network, endpoint and agent-based discovery functions. Zecurion is continuously developing solutions, including those addressing risk of leaks through social and mobile applications.

Quality Benefits
  • Protects against leaks by more than 100 channels, including web traffic, email and web-based email, USB flash cards and disk drives, printers and other devices
  • Supports contextual and content analysis of over than 500 file formats, including all common office programs
  • Uses more than 10 technologies to identify confidential information
  • Has a built-in discovery-module for searching confidential information in your network and on the company’s computers
  • Provides a simple comply of GDPR requirements
  • The system correctly recognizes 190 languages
Experts' opinion

”Zecurion is small and nimble — overall experience with Zecurion was excellent including attentive pre-sales and post-sales support in greater New York area. Provided full transparency of software roadmap and enthusiasitc about receving feedback to improve product. Senior management was available and proactively set-up meetings when in USA”.


  • Zecurion is known for its strong device and port control and monitoring and detection
  • Capabilities for organizations aiming to prevent sensitive data from being copied to USBs or other portable storage devices.
  • The Zserver integrated data-at-rest encryption solution stands out against competitive DLP
  • Platforms by taking the complexity out of encrypting backup and file servers regardless of whether the data is on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Zecurion provides enterprise-grade data loss prevention with strong documentation and support that should appeal to midmarket organizations. The platform is highly adaptable to organizations foreseeing significant growth that may impact the IT architecture.
  • A large oil and gas division of one of Russia’s largest mining and natural resource companies; explores and operates in thirty-seven locations
  • “Zecurion’s DLP solution made it possible for us to manage user access, reduce the threat of internal leaks, and monitor client workstations without causing any disruption to daily work¬ow. Zecurion’s experts worked closely with our team, sharing their knowledge and experience in the implementation process, which went extremely smoothly. Since then, the service levels have been outstanding”.

  • Softshell Vendor Award (Softshell)
  • Best Products and Services (Network Products Guide)
  • Golden Bridge Awards (GBA)
  • American awards