PSS.Platform is the Internet of Things (IoT) ready device management software.


PSS.Platform provides building complete end-to-end IoT solutions, connected applications and smart products.
PSS.Platform delivers wide range of device and enterprise system connectivity protocol options, industry applications and advanced analytics.

Target audience

PSS.Platform drives innovation and transforms business across various industries

  • Smart City Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Building life supporting infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Road construction
  • Entertainment
  • Agriculture.

Key features

IoT Ready PSS.Platform Software Components

  • Analytics: performs a range of complex analysis from basic data clustering and deep machine learning to predictive analytics extracting the most value out of the IoT data-stream.
  • Connectivity: brings different data formats into one software interface ensuring accurate data streaming and interaction with all devices.
  • Devices: ensures the connected devices work properly, seamlessly running patches and software updates, applications running on the device or edge gateways.
  • Process: brings data to life with rule-based event-action-triggers enabling execution of smart actions based on specific sensor data.
  • Database: scalable storage of device data brings the requirements for hybrid cloud-based databases to a new level in terms of data volume, variety, velocity and veracity.
  • Integration: integrate with 3rd-party systems and the rest of the wider IT-ecosystem via built-in API, SDK and gateways.

Quality Benefits
  • Create IoT solutions for smarter products and higher-value services.
  • Make best business decisions with analytics: the platform can collect information from millions of sensors and devices, create events based on thresholds and store the results for Big Data and BI analytics.
  • Reduce equipment maintenance costs through real-time diagnostics and predictive analytics.
  • Connect any sensor, device or asset to the platform to quickly create new and innovative services.
  • Apply any device, any protocol and any connectivity on a single common platform.
  • Balance risk and innovation: leverage new technologies, but stay open and flexible.
Price Advantages

The final price depends on the system requirements and the project scope.
The best price is guaranteed for the Solutions Catalogue users.

Experts' opinion

Kirill Kislyakov,
Director of the Revenue and Control Department of Mosgortrans

«At the first stage, when purchasing ticket vending machines, we obtained a basic software product that allows us to monitor their basic functions. With the increase in the number of devices, it became necessary to build a conventional system that would minimize the risks of machine operation in the city and reduce the costs for their maintenance and operation. And, of course, we needed a tool to monitor the operation of devices, collect statistics, and remotely manage the entire street network. For this reason we purchased a system to monitor and manage the fleet of machines built on the basis of PSS.Platform and, by mid-2017, we had a way to monitor and manage the entire street network of ticket vending machines…»