MyOffice® is developed for real time collaborative work that that unites document editing, file sharing, and messaging, all within one platform that works on any desktop, tablet or smartphone.
MyOffice® allows businesses and state institutions to create a complete work environment of text, spreadsheet and presentation editors, messaging platform, and applications for mail, calendar and contact management. This product also incorporates a shared-access server, mail server and data storage system.


MyOffice® includes a range of functional tools to ensure the effective work of employees, including:

  • Document editors: create texts, sheets and presentations from scratch or using corporate templates. Utilize rich formatting tools supporting styles, tables of contents, spelling and grammar checker, media files, sorting and filtering. Texts and sheets editors also feature macros, versioning and support for integration with other systems via API.
  • Mailing system: automatic replies, automatic rules for processing email messages, a universal address book, a corporate calendar with event scheduling functions, personal calendars, resource booking.
  • Instant messaging system: a universal address book, private chats and group discussions, audio and video calls, conferences, integration with document editors.

Target audience
  • State institutions,
  • Educational organizations,
  • Businesses of any size,
  • Private users — all those working with documents and/or communicating with colleagues can benefit from MyOffice® suite, which covers most of the daily work tasks.
Key features
  • Edit and format your documents, work with spreadsheets, create presentations, collaborate & communicate with colleagues and manage your mailbox in the most convenient way.
  • Features real-time collaboration across all platforms.
  • Works on any desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Deployable in your own private or public cloud.
  • Allows to manage users’ rights to view, edit, and share files based on organization structure.
  • Features LUA macros in text documents and spreadsheets, including web versions of the app.
  • Works with all popular corporate and public email systems and services. Carrirs an option to set up MyOffice® mail service.
Quality Benefits
  • Any document will look identical on any device regardless of the hardware and operating system.
  • Features and integrated messenger to have discussions without even leaving the editor window.
  • Allows to combine collaborative editing and discussions right in the documents themselves.
  • Assisted by contextual formatting toolbar new users might start working on a variety of devices without the need to learn new controls.
  • Mobile editors are powered by the same core allowing to have the power of desktop editing on mobile devices, including real-time collaboration and track changes.
  • Virtually any feature can be added and integration made on request.
Price Advantages

A variety of distribution models allows for the most optimal purchase. The price varies between the products and depends on the customer needs, but it tends to be about 30% less compared to corresponding solutions from major competitors.

  • TAdviser’s “TOP-100 Largest IT Companies Operating In The Russian market” in 2017
  • Winner of IPRA Golden World Awards in the category “Launch of a new product” for the communication campaign for the launch of the “MyOffice®” software line “IT revolution”
  • The “Digital Peaks” award in the nomination “Best Service For Document Management”
  • Finalist of the award “Digital Tops” in the nomination “The Best Mobile Application For The Leader”
  • Laureate of the PRIORITY-2016 Prize in the field of import substitution in the category “Software”