Flussonic Media Server

Flussonic Media Server
Flussonic Media Server

Multifunctional media server for creating highly loaded projects for streaming video of any scale. This server software is designed to deliver video streams from various sources (IP cameras, SDI devices, TV signals, webcams, video files) to a variety of devices, in addition to the capabilities of content protection, recording and preparation.


Flussonic Media Server is a professional platform for OTT and IPTV services. You can capture, transcode, record archives, manage users, threads, and deliver multi-protocol video (live and on-demand) to any part of the world. It allows you to keep track of the stats for traffic and sessions in a built-in video statistics module.
On the Flussonic Media Server basis, you can develop your custom video delivery service or surveillance system that captures and records video archive from thousands of geographically distributed IP cameras.
Flussonic Media Server is a reliable solution for video transport of any kind and complexity. You can organize a live video broadcast with IP cameras, provide massive on-demand video access, embed a video streaming module into your project (intercom, webinar platform, mobile device video recording, etc.).

Target audience
  • ISPs
  • Governmental structures,
  • Corporations & Enterprises
Key features
  • Opportunity to build videostreaming service with a veriety of input and output protocols
  • Video recording of any depth.
  • Transcoding and content protection.
  • VoD streaming.
  • API access to all Flussonic features.
Quality Benefits
  • Easiness in setting up and solving videostreaming tasks.
  • Robustness service providing and high stability.
  • Developers team opennes and readyness to implement features of high demand.
Price Advantages

Project costs savings due to less demand for engineers. Flexible tier based prcing. Openness to discussion. Better features for less price.

  • Best Performance by AV-Test.org
  • Outstanding Security Product by AV Comparatives 2016, 2017
  • Online Banking Browser Security Award 2016-2017