C-Pilot is a computer vision-based self-driving software for ground transportation. C-Pilot has a centralized architecture consisting of four modules:

  • “Observer” is responsible for road scene object detection;
  • “Geographer” is responsible for event detection and positioning objects;
  • “Navigator” is responsible for trajectory and rout planning;
  • “Machinist” is responsible for actuation devices operation.

C-Pilot is based on the most advanced and high-precision algorithms for object detection. Multiplatform software allows to quickly adapting the system to any hardware platform.
In addition, the company developed a revolutionary approach for data fusion on the low-level, which improved recognition accuracy by 20% and sustainability by 25% compared to high-level data fusion approach.
Furthermore, we developed high resolution imaging radar capable to recreate the 3D road scene in radio images detecting velocity of the objects in each frame while being sustainable to any types of precipitation.

  • Car detection;
  • Forward collision warning;
  • Pedestrian detection;
  • Pedestrian protection;
  • Lane detection;
  • Lane departure warning and lane keeping assistance;
  • Traffic sign recognition;
  • Traffic Jam Pilot;
  • Highway Pilot;
  • Driving automation software for agricultural machines;
  • Control of harvest quality;
  • Others.
Target audience
  • Manufacturers of ground transportation,
  • Tier 1 companies,
  • Chipmakers,
  • Industrial companies.
Key features
  • 99% object and event detection accuracy;
  • Fast implementation of a new sensor;
  • Multiplatform software;
  • Each module can run in separate threads, processes or even devices;
  • Ability to create fallback scenarios for any hardware or software failure;
  • Upgradability of functions without hardware replacing.
Quality Benefits
  • C-Pilot has intuition;
  • Controls risky zones (detects small objects seeing details);
  • Operates on real roads (damaged surface or bad road marking);
  • Operates in bad weather and lighting conditions.
Price Advantages

In comparison with our competitors we offer the most effective and cutting-edge technologies for the best price.

  • Industry leader in 2018 in Computer Vision category in the Runet Award 2017;
  • Best AI solution for unmanned vehicles within the nomination “Cognitive Computing, AI & Robotics Awards 2017” according to the experts of the English analytical company Softech