Main feature of the product is that it connects clinics with the outer world (i.e. health insurers, lead generators, pharma companies etc).
GBooking does for medical industry the same that Amadeus and other GDS systems made for travel.

Purpose makes it possible for clinics to display their doctors’ real-time schedule wherever they need: on the website of the clinic, on the lead generating sites and so on.
Clinics not only have higher conversions, but also could clearly understand which external source has brought them the biggest revenue from the booked patients.

Target audience
  • Chains of medical clinics,
  • Health insurance companies,
  • Pharma companies,
  • Doctors,
  • Patients.
Key features is an integration bus that works “in the cloud” and allows to both read data about doctors and their schedule from the Medical Information Systems (MIS) and write data to MIS.
Thus, clinics are now able to display their real-time booking widget wherever they want to and need to.
Using our integrations with tier-A MIS in Russia, we’re having an established channel to get the EHR (Electronic Health Records) data from more than 40% of private clinics in Russia.

Quality Benefits helps clinics to decrease the amount of absent patients, as well as helps to radically simplify the reports with lead generators and HMOs, to optimize doctors’ working schedule.

Price Advantages

Monthly payments:

  • 1…5 doctors in clinic: 15 USD per doctor per month;
  • 6…12 doctors in clinic: 12 USD per doctor per month;
  • 13+ doctors in clinic: upon request.