RTSoft Protection Suite

RTSoft Protection Suite
RTSoft Protection Suite

Critical infrastructure of every power system in the world relies heavily on operation of Relay protection devices which are becoming more intelligent and even more complex in configuration, control and maintenance. Majority of all blackouts were root-caused by misoperation of these devices and protection systems.
RTSoft Protection Suite provides a comprehensive set of integrated software modules automating Relay Protection Department activities — from Calculations to Risk-based maintenance — for Power Utilities of all types.
The Suite reduces number of power outages and blackouts through early proactive diagnostic of hidden failures in protection devices and systems.


RTSoft Protection Software Suite automates major processes in the Protection Lifecycle in any Power Utility:

  • settings calculation, followed by protection system wide coordination.
  • based on disturbance monitoring functions
  • the Suite automates identification and localization of fault events in power system,
  • performs simulation of fault conditions in the precise power system model with digital twins of relay protection devices inside to obtain reference behavior during fault events — expected list of tripping, starting for each protection functional block.
  • protection operation evaluation algorithm with protection health diagnostics and condition (risk-based) index calculation

Target audience

The software suite is aimed to support Protection Department experts working in 4 segments of Power System:

  • Transmission Grid (HV) and System Operators,
  • Distribution Grid (MV-LV)
  • Power Generation companies (including station supply and DC)
  • Industry.
  • RTSoft Protection Suite can be installed both in the field operation (substation) level and in the central office of each Utility.

Key features

RTSoft Protection Suite is packed with outstanding list of 10 groups of features:

  • Disturbance monitoring
  • Outage data collection and Event notification
  • Fault location
  • Protection settings calculation
  • Advanced Relay modelling
  • Lifecycle Documentation Hub and Management system
  • Fault root cause analysis
  • Protection operation evaluation — local and wide-area
  • Protection health diagnostics
  • Personnel Training and Development
  • The software is available “On premise” and “As a service” and can be scaled for small teams and multi-level enterprises.

Quality Benefits
  • Novel and first in class set of integrated functions from calculations to risk-based maintenance activities
  • Digitalisation of main business processes in central office of Power Utilities
  • Software availability for Relay Protection of all types and vendors, supporting 61850, traditional protocols or retrofit legacy data.
  • Digital twin engineering for protection devices to enable deep analytics on protection health and performance indicators
  • One of the highest tolerance in transients and relay modelling, short circuit calculation and fault location algorithms.
Price Advantages

It is easy to roll out RTSoft Protection Suite project for several reasons:

  • clear and meaningful feature packaging at affordable prices per each Protection device and Server instance;
  • fits modern IT infrastructure without any specific hardware requirements;
  • 2 hour to install high level architecture, 2 min to configure and immediately start disturbance monitoring from IEDs;
  • clear ROI estimation after first provisioning of hidden failure in protection device done by the Suite;
  • 2 times reduced OPEX on Utility`s Protection activities through establishing condition-based maintenance, increased work productivity and knowledge accumulation.