Guide to the best IT solutions from Moscow

The guide to IT solutions in Moscow is the catalogue of the best products in the field of information technologies created within the framework of the project "Road Show of the Innovative Ecosystem of Moscow" aimed at promoting Moscow IT companies abroad.

The guide is intended to inform potential partners of the programme about the products of Moscow IT companies. The solutions were selected by the Expert Council, which included the most authoritative and experienced representatives of the industry. The guide includes 20 advanced IT products.

Diana Ishkaeva

+7 (495) 225-92-52 (ext. 303)

Polina Aleksandrova

+7 (495) 225-92-52 (доб. 303)

Selection of decisions was carried out on a set of criteria

  • technical characteristics in comparison with foreign analogues;
  • match with the current trends of the global IT market;
  • competitive cost indicators throughout the life cycle;
  • approximate cost of localization abroad;
  • long product lifetime in the Russian market and optimal sales volume;

The products presented in the guide were acknowledged by the experts as highly technological and not inferior to Western software both at the technological level and at the price level.

Expert council

The IT solutions were selected by Expert Council which is formed from representatives of leading Moscow IT companies, professional associations, major profile media, consulting companies and leading industry experts.

Aleksandr Levashov
Aleksandr Levashov,
Chief Editor, TAdviser
Tagir Yapparov
Tagir Yapparov,
Head, RUSSOFT Association
Andrey Yarnikh
Andrey Yarnikh,
Head of PR & GR, Kaspersky Lab
Alfiya Kayumova
Alfiya Kayumova,
Vice President, Cognitive Technologies
Roman Kletskikh
Roman Kletskikh,
Head of GR, Infowatch
Olga Tabakova
Olga Tabakova,
Head, CIS TMT, Partner, Deloitte
Kirill Ilnitsky
Kirill Ilnitsky,
Head of Road Show IT R&D 2018