Multifunctional Transformable Spaces for Public Schools

14 june 2019

Moscow's School No. 1535 and the Moscow Agency of Innovations announce an open challenge for innovative solutions that will help create multifunctional and easily transformable spaces in public schools.

School No. 1535 has been a leader in Moscow's secondary education for more than 20 years. On average, it provides training to nearly 1,300 7th-11th grade students per annum. Regular classes run from 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m, followed by extracurricular study programs until 7 p.m.

To achieve excellence in the execution of the education curriculum and facilitate the individual growth and social interaction of students, the school needs to offer an inspiring and motivating environment, which must be safe, convenient, attractive to students, mobile, and easily transformable to meet new educational needs.

The school doesn't have sufficient space for recreational, educational, cultural, and entertainment activities. At the same time, its canteen operates only 10 hours a week. The canteen's total floor space is 250 square meters and during the off-hours, when it is not used as a dining area, it can accommodate classes and various educational activities. The canteen is located on the ground floor and is always in demand, because a significant share of senior students have individual plans and need a place to study.

A transformable environment (portable partitions, soft seating units, room dividers and equipment) would enable diverse learning settings for various types of activities, including film screenings and workshops, presentations, project collaborations, rehearsals, dry runs, etc. When transformed, the canteen can serve both as a single open space for mass events (celebrations, dance parties, concerts, games, charity fairs) and as a cluster of independent areas for individual studies, discussions, and meetings.

This competition presents architects, designers, and manufacturers with a challenge to create a completely new environment and convert the existing canteen into an easily transformable space that will meet the school's specific needs.

We welcome innovative solutions that will help:

leverage socially-oriented design technologies;

organize the school's unused spaces in a way that will enable students to study, get some rest, and communicate with each other;

organize private areas for students and staff;

create a transformable environment (portable partitions, dividers, soft seating units, movable bookcases, mobile shelving units, etc.);

personalize spaces (individual lockers for all students and staff);

form open spaces that can be used for classes, workshops, individual learning and extracurricular activities;

create mobile settings for age-specific activities (games, workshops, lectures, labs, etc.);

leverage hi-tech equipment in the education process;

help students maintain healthy lifestyles.

Submitted solutions must be compliant with the following regulations:

SanPiN, or “Sanitary and Epidemiological Requirements to the Terms and Organization of Education at General Education Institutions»;

Federal Law “On Fire Safety” (69-FZ, 21.12.1994);

eligibility for use in Moscow.


Top entries will be offered an opportunity to undergo a pilot project. At this stage, solutions/licenses (1 copy, subject to an additional agreement) should be provided free of charge for testing purposes.

Upon the successful completion of a pilot project, School No. 1535 will consider a follow-up implementation at its premises and provide recommendations on the further use of the tested solution in Moscow.