Innovations in adaptable spaces and technologies for the “Accessible Environment” Program

15 april 2019

The state budget institution “Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities” from the Moscow Department of Work and Public Safety (further on referred to as the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities) together with the Moscow Agency of Innovations would like to announce an open challenge to find innovative solutions for adaptable spaces and technologies for the “Accessible Environment” program.

The Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities was founded in 1999 and was one of the founding outreach centers for children and adults with disabilities in assisting with rehabilitation and adaption. It has been the mission of the center to help with overall improvement of life quality.

The number of rehabilitation and adaptive resources needed for the city of Moscow is quite high. For example, just in 2017 the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities provided technical rehabilitation for 8,496 people, issuing 16,350 products and technical equipment. In addition to this, more than 40,971 products were sent out to different institutions and to regional social services centers with the goal of helping rehabilitation and outreach to persons with disabilities.

In 2018 the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities provided 10,267 people with technical rehabilitation, gave out 20,123 products and technical rehabilitation equipment for different rehabilitation purposes, and sent 38,458 products and technical equipment to social services centers.

Adaptive environments and technologies are able to help people with disabilities live more healthily and productive, be more independent and more sure of themselves, receive education, enter into the workforce, and participate more actively in society.

People who do not have access to adaptive environments and technologies are often excluded from society, leading to isolation and poverty, which leads to a negative public opinion of the disability/disease.

Today only 1 out of 10 people have access to adaptive environments and technologies. This has to do with high cost, low public awareness, low quantity and distribution, lack of qualified specialists, and lack of helpful policies and funding.

The Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities is setting up this open challenge with the goal of providing persons with disabilities and the elderly (and those who are most in need of adaptive support) with innovative adaptive technologies for the “Accessible Environment” program.

General technological requirements (a list of maximum desired requirements):

  • Universal use: the ability to use the solution for many different tasks
  • Age range: the ability to use the solution for a various number of age groups: children, adults, elderly, etc.
  • Personalization: the ability to change certain settings and parameters for a specific user
  • Easy installation: easy setup and use of the solution.


Requirements for Participation in the Challenge:

  • Participation is open to those of any project stage (either finished product or prototype).
  • Companies participating in the challenge must have a registered legal entity or representative office/person in the Russian Federation.


Opportunities for Entrants:

  • The chance to run a pilot project to test their solution within the city’s infrastructure
  • An opportunity to receive a recommendation for the adoption of the solution in the city’s infrastructure
  • Receive wide scale informative support for the prototype with the resources of the Agency and industry media.

At this point in the challenge, the solution should be pilot-tested free of charge. The goal of this is to further the use of the solution throughout Moscow on privileged terms.

In order to participate in the open challenge, applicants must submit a model of the company’s work, a model of the solution or a currently used solution with a detailed description, existing or foreseen use limitations, and the necessary conditions and resources for implementation and use.

Applications are accepted from Russian and international companies. For both Russian and international companies, the challenge can be reached at the site, where companies can register and submit their info in either Russian or English.

Applications will be scored by a specially formed expert committee from the Department of Labor and Public Safety, the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, and also experts from different companies and organizations in the field.