Female Entrepreneurs on the Rise in Moscow

Women are at the helm of 40% of Moscow SMBs.

In line with the European trends, Moscow is seeing an increase in businesswomen: they represent more than a half of all people enrolled in courses for beginning entrepreneurs. Women are at the helm of close to 40% of Moscow's small companies, the fact that is viewed by some as a “quiet female revolution.”

Local authorities help women pursue careers in entrepreneurship. Women's Business Center, a state organization, assists women with finding jobs and becoming employers. Here, women can undergo entrepreneurship aptitude tests, participate in business games, or tailor a project strategy. One of the center's signature events is Moskovskaya Masteritsa (Moscow Craftswoman), which is designed to show women that a hobby such as drawing or clay modeling can become a source of income.

Small Business of Moscow (SBM), another state institution and subordinate organization of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development, is also supporting women. The share of female participants in seminars and other events organized by SBM is above 55%.  Thousands of women have applied for participation in a female business accelerator organized by SBM jointly with Lady007.

Last year, Moscow hosted seven large-scale events for businesswomen. Among them are Secrets of Success in Women's Franchise Business and Woman in Business: From Idea to Profit. Participants of the Entrepreneur Mom contest had a chance to compete for a 100-thousand ruble grant to start a business.

The overwhelming majority (more than 85%) of Moscow's female entrepreneurs have higher education.

Source: vm.ru.

6 march 2019