Six Months with Technograd: Job Supermarket and Place for Family Fun

Over 65,000 people have visited the Technograd educational complex since its opening last September.

Over 30 thousand schoolchildren and college students have received vocational guidance and training for various professions under the School Day in Technograd program. More than 16 thousand Muscovites attended courses, workshops and career counseling sessions, took vocational tests, and received professional development certificates. Top graduates became holders of employment certificates provided by Technograd partners.

“More than 65 thousand people have already been able to assess the quality of training and equipment at Technograd. And this is just the beginning. In the future, attendance will continue to grow. In 2019 alone, Technograd will host close to 1,500 educational programs; 250,000 certificates are expected to be issued for participants of these programs,” said Moscow Deputy Mayor Natalya Sergunina.

According to her, Technograd can accommodate almost two thousand visitors at a time. The venue consists of five thematic pavilions: Digital Technologies, City Infrastructure, Public Services, Manufacturing, and Creative Technologies. The sixth pavilion, Business.Technograd, is getting ready for opening. It will offer programs focused on entrepreneurship and soft skills.

Technograd provides training in 45 vocations reflecting the needs of local employers. The list of jobs in demand is based on data provided by the Moscow Agency of Innovations, Department of Labor and Social Security, and Ministry of Education.

Among most popular professions are additive manufacturing specialist, barista, pastry chef, baker, cook, laser specialist, electrician, drone operator, programmer, robotics technician, interior designer, sound engineer, hairdresser, esthetician, and animation artist.

The teaching staff includes business practitioners from famous local and international companies. Courses are supervised by partner companies who are ready to consider the possibility of hiring successful graduates.

The best way to navigate in all the educational offerings at Technograd is to take a guided tour of the venue. All classes are adjusted to specific age groups – from schoolchildren to seniors. 

Technograd is not only a “job supermarket,” as it is sometimes called, but also a place for family fun. 
Here, you can launch a drone, edit a video, make pizza and cakes, and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Last September, Technograd hosted the first final of the Wise Skills Championship for professionals over 50 who demonstrated their skills in 26 WordSkills competencies.

In February this year, Technograd was honored with the Silver Archer Award in public relations in the category “Best Project in Raising Awareness of Government, Public and Social Programs.” 


5 march 2019