Skolkovo to Open Zhores Alferov Science Park

Last year, 13.1 billion rubles were invested in technology companies of the Skolkovo Foundation to bring the total investment to 43 billion rubles over the period since Skolkovo's inception in 2010. More than 50 deals for a total value of over 2 billion rubles were signed with support from the Skolkovo IP Center in 2018. The Skolkovo's ecosystem currently provides jobs to 33,000 people. Seven technology parks across Russia joined Skolkovo as partners in the past year.

These figures were presented at a meeting of Skolkovo's Scientific Advisory Council in Saint Petersburg.

According to Igor Drozdov, chairman of Skolkovo's executive board, the foundation's startup generated 70 billion rubles in revenues last year, which is twice more than had been forecast. 

“This is a good indicator showing that young companies are starting to grow,” said Drozdov. “There are other figures confirming that assumption. The share of companies with revenues has been growing for the third consecutive year. In 2016, we had less than 50 percent of them, while last year their share climbed to almost 60 percent. The number of companies with revenues of 100 million rubles has also increased from seven to 10 percent. This reflects a gradual change in our approach to operations. We focus on supporting not all the two thousand companies, but those who are really capable of delivering results and need support “here and now”. There are about two hundred such companies.”

Next year, Skolkovo will celebrate its 10th anniversary with numerous events. 

“We have chosen the main date, May 21, the day when the Skolkovo Foundation was formally established as a legal entity,” said Arkady Dvorkovich, chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation. “Most likely, we will hold Startup Village, Skolkovo's largest event, on the same day. But the main idea is to hold events throughout the year under the flag of the 10th anniversary. These events will be focused on science and education and bring together startups and large companies.We also plan to open a science park and name it after Zhores Alferov. It will be a center of gravity for all science enthusiasts and Skolkovo students, for those who will be attending conferences here.”

The park, the construction of which has already begun, will occupy an area of over 3 hectares near the new Skoltech campus. The Zhores Alferov Park is expected to become a place for scientific and educational events while also remaining a recreational area for Skolkovo residents.


10 may 2019