Startup Village Agenda Packed With Opportunities

Startup Village, the seventh international conference for technology entrepreneurs, will run at Skolkovo on May 29-30. The event is expected to bring together over 15 thousand attendees. 

The competition will be broken down into two tracks: early stage projects (Competition of Ideas) and technology companies (Competition of Companies). Early stage startups will compete with each other in four categories, while their more experienced peers from well-established companies will have seven categories to chose from. For both tracks, the organizers have received 800 applications.

Teams that will take first, second, and third place in the Competition of Ideas will receive two, one and a half, and one million rubles, respectively. Winners of the Competition of Companies will receive five, four, and three million rubles. 

A dedicated area at the event will be given to mentors from the Skolkovo Foundation and School of Management. They will work on both days to provide support and guidance to entrepreneurs.

“It does not matter whether you are a contestant or not,” says Ekaterina Inozemtseva, director of Skolkovo Forum, the organizer of Startup Village. “What matters is that you are registered as a startup and that you have a project and a topic for conversation with a mentor.”

Nearly 200 young technological companies will take part in Startup Bazaar, where they will demonstrate prototypes and finished products in a wide range of areas: IT, biomedicine, power management, manufacturing technologies, etc. Some of these companies have already gained recognition among general audience. Among them are Group-IB (IT crime investigation and prevention), Skyeng (online English learning), Online Patent (trademark and patent management), Cashoff (fintech services), and Roisat (BI for analyzing and optimizing marketing expenses). Other participants are only beginning their journey in technological entrepreneurship. 

“Responding to audience requests from our previous events, we placed QR codes on the booths of the participating companies, so that visitors will be able to easily access their sites on the go and better understand their proposition,” says Inozemtseva. 

The agenda is packed with opportunities to learn and connect. More than 150 sessions will be dedicated to technology trends, emerging markets, and the transformation of business models through disruptive technologies. Titled “Come Together”, the main plenary discussion will be focused on global collaborations and transfer of technologies. 

This year, the organizers of Startup Village have reduced the number of stages, and because of this some of the activities will take place in the evening hours. Among them is Art & Science Day (May 29), an event that will feature a rock concert and a discussion of the influence of art on science and technology.


22 may 2019