Moscow Forum of Entrepreneurs to Offer Individual Consultations

Seasoned businessmen will provide individual consultations to participants of the Moscow Entrepreneurship Forum. On May 27, brief coach sessions will be available in the so called “Mentors' Lounge” at  Dynamo stadium. 

“Constantly communicating with entrepreneurs of various levels, we see that often a timely piece of advice or an outside view can save them from irreversible mistakes or, conversely, give impetus to development. We decided to create a platform where aspiring entrepreneurs can discuss their problems with already established businessmen – this is how we came up with the Mentors' Lounge,” said Alexey Fursin, head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Novice entrepreneurs will be able to learn how to find an investor, create a successful business plan, choose a perfect niche, and avoid the classic mistakes of startups.

During a 30-minute conversation, mentors will help entrepreneurs identify their problems, set new goals, and find ways to achieve them. The mentors will also share their personal stories of ups and downs.

Mentoring at the event will be Maxim Dreval, product manager at Yandex and and founder of L2P Limited and Netology-group; Boris Zarkov, founder and CEO of the management company White Rabbit Family; Stanislav Lisichenko, founder of the Kitaiskiye Novosti chain of restaurants; Sergey Ryzhikov, CEO of 1C-Bitrix; and Kamil Hajiyev, president of Fight Nights Global.

To sign up for a personal consultation, entrepreneurs must fill a form at the Mentors' Lounge section of the forum's website. 

The Moscow Entrepreneurship Forum is expected to bring together over 22,000 attendees and 300 experts – scientists, entrepreneurs, journalists, community leaders, and cultural figures. The business program will be divided into seven thematic sections pertaining to the main aspects of SMB activities in Moscow.

For instance, the Future section will be focused on youth entrepreneurship, business digitization and unconventional ways to attract customers. Self-employment, niche businesses, and social entrepreneurship will be the main topics of the Society section. Trends will be dedicated to reuse and products and services for children. 

The forum will also feature Digital Business Contact Exchange and Open Moscow, where entrepreneurs will be able to meet with heads of local government departments. The event will wrap up with a concert by the band B-2. 

Participation is free, but preliminary registration is required. The agenda is available at


24 may 2019