Venture Market Council Sets Up Priorities for 2019

Representatives of leading private and corporate venture funds and development institutions got together at a meeting of the Venture Capital Council in Moscow. 

In 2019, the council will form two more working groups. One of them will be in charge of international
collaborations. The other will focus on educational initiatives and outreach programs for the Russian venture market to expand the local professional LP and GP community.

The council has supported the initiative to set up a new roadmap for the National Technology Initiative Capital Net. The roadmap is aimed at improving the existing investment mechanisms, including increasing the liquidity of the Russian capital market and providing commercial “exit” opportunities for investors.

Together with relevant authorities, the council plans to finalize the convertible loan regulation and initiatives to optimize the taxation of investment partnerships.

The council has also confirmed the need to increase transparency of the national venture capital market through industry research and integration of statistics on Russian transactions into international ratings.

Set up in August 2017 by the Russian Venture Company (RVC) in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development, the Venture Capital Council is an advisory body that aims to ensure the interaction of RVC with existing and potential venture capital investors of the Russian Federation, to improve the quality of development programs and initiatives, and to encourage investors to use best practices in innovative business management. The main presidium of the council consists of ten managers of venture funds, Russian companies and investor associations.


31 may 2019