Kalibr to Host All About Fashiontech

On August 14-15, Kalibr Technology Park will host All About Fashiontech, a festival of creative industries. The event is organized jointly with RLP Yarmarka, Roslegrpom, Konica Minolta, Fashion Consulting Group, Solstudio Textile Group, and BASK.

The interest towards creative industries in Russia is at its peak. With 14% of these industries' workforce employed Moscow, there is a significant gap in opportunities available to industry players across the country.

All About Fashiontech is designed to facilitate communications among the fashion technology market participants, hi-tech equipment manufacturers, industry institutions, authorities, innovative platforms and startups.
Among the questions that will be discussed at the event are:

How does the city plan to develop its creative sector economy and what steps have been taken in this direction?

How do technology parks and other innovative platforms support companies in the creative sector?

Where can a fashion technology startup get initial investments?

What government support measures will help entrepreneurs find new markets?

What products will appear on the digital printing equipment market in the near future?

What opportunities will appear at Kalibr's creative industries cluster in 2020?

Admission to the event is free of charge with preliminary registration at https://tekhnopark-kalibr.timepad.ru/event/1018525

13 july 2019