New Batch of Female Entrepreneurs Joins Moscow Business Accelerator

The city has launched the second edition of its business accelerator for women. The target audience includes both wanna-be female entrepreneurs and those who have already started a business and come across numerous challenges. 

Co-organized by the government institution “Small Business of Moscow,” the accelerator will feature classes in several formats: webinars, online one-on-ones, and offline group meetings focused on unique selling propositions, marketing, sales funnels, business planning, media relations, and team building.

“The development of women's entrepreneurship is one of the most important global trends and a driver for the growth of the share of small and micro businesses. For our country, a significant aspect is the fact that up to 90 percent of social projects are led by women. Close to 40 percent of Moscow's entrepreneurs are women. They work hard to get better at what they are doing, and such projects are helping them,” said Alexey Fursin, head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development.

To reach the final stage of the accelerator, participants need to view all the video classes, complete the assignments and prepare the first draft of the final presentation by the middle of the course. On August 21, at the final conference, participants will present their achievements to a panel of experts, who, in their turn, will determine the winners of the business accelerator.

Top three entrepreneurs will receive information support from together with a chance to network with their mentors — specialists in various business domains.

“Everyone who has been in business for a while understands that success comes to those who truly love what they do. Therefore, in the classroom, students will learn the most important thing – how to ensure a financial return on the things they love doing and strengthen various aspects of their operations,” added project manager Oksana Kukharchuk.

The first female business accelerator was held in February 2019. It generated applications from 1,200 businesswomen, 10 of which became finalists.


13 july 2019