Nagatino Resident Produces Hi-Precision 3D Printers

3DQuality, a resident company of Nagatino Technology Park, has launched a new series of 3D printers that can recreate objects of any shape with a high degree of precision. The new equipment was recently showcased at the international exhibition Innoprom.

3DQuality currently offers two new models, Prism Pro V3 and 3DQ Uni. The company has a number of government and enterprise customers and has already committed to ship 700 units of 3DQ Uni until the end of the year.

Prism Pro V3 can work with various types of plastic at a temperature of 350° C and is appropriate for printing large objects, while 3DQ Uni is designed for printing smaller objects with fine line details.
Another 3DQuality product, a manual scanner Planeta 3D, generated a buzz on the Active Citizen portal. With more than 122 thousand user votes the product recived the score of 4.63 points on the five-point scale.

“The infrastructure of technology parks allows residents to work on continuous improvement of equipment characteristics and the introduction of solutions that enhance the city's competitiveness in various markets, including the additive technology market. The city provides opportunities for the presentation of such solutions to the general public. For example, local companies can take part in the “Made in Moscow” program and take advantage of government support for participants of major industry events. The new 3D equipment was already appreciated by dozens of Muscovites who attended the Day Without Turnstiles events in July,” says Alexei Fursin, head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development.


23 july 2019