13 Companies to Join Moscow's Business Mission to Toronto

This year's Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) will run from September 5 through September 15. TIFF has an unofficial market with a unique business model, with national agencies from around the world renting stands at the festival's Industry Centre. Thirteen Moscow companies involved in film, animation, and TV production will visit the festival to present their latest projects to potential investors, customers, and partners. The business mission to Toronto is organized by the Moscow Export Center, a subsidiary organization of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development.

The business mission will run from September 6 through September 8. On the first day, the Moscow delegation will host a brief presentation of all the 13 companies and their products, while the remaining two days will be dedicated to nearly 80 one-on-one meetings.

As part of the business mission, the Moscow government provides full funding for a wide range of services, including b2b matchmaking, on-site interpreting, event space booking, collateral design and printing services.

“Four film production companies, three animation studios, four distributors of audiovisual products, as well as a licensing agency and the TNT-Teleset channel will take part in the business mission in Toronto. In June, three of these companies – Metrafilms, Nashe Kino and Studiya Parovoz – successfully participated in the debut business mission to the MIFA film market in Annecy, where they presented 19 projects. Having estimated the effectiveness of the new support format provided by the Moscow Export Center, these companies will take other projects to Toronto. A presentation of about 35 works is planned,” says Alexey Fursin, head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development.

The Moscow Export Center's business missions are joint international trips of Moscow's export-oriented entrepreneurs to strengthen their export potential. Such trips require preliminary market research and organizational activities, including the analysis of a specific international market, the identification of potential interested parties, the preparation of presentation and advertising materials, and the organization of on-site meetings.

The Toronto International Film Festival has been held since 1976. It is one of the largest, most influential and inclusive events in the world of cinema, which makes it an ideal business and networking platform. The festival's major prize, the People's Choice Award, is given to a feature-length film with the highest ratings as voted by the TIFF-going audiences.

Source: mos.ru

24 july 2019