New IoT Device to Control Lighting Systems

Micron, the largest microelectronics manufacturer in Russia, has launched the serial production of an IoT-based lighting control device. 

The new wireless secure radio controller is designed for lighting systems and can be used across a wide range of critical infrastructure objects in industrial, agricultural and public utility environments.

It supports the GSM, LoRa and NB-IoT standards and can be installed in public outdoor and indoor lighting systems as well as in industrial lighting systems that use gas-discharge and LED lamps. The controller can operate for ten years on a single battery charge. Its housing has a high ingress protection rating. 

“Our device allows you to monitor and control the status of each indoor and outdoor lamp: it sends data to a cloud system, including data on flickering and dimming in LED lamps. This significantly reduces the cost of searching for a malfunctioning lamp and helps avoid having street lights on during the day,” commented Mikhail Godenko, project lead at Micron. “The controller may have an additional lamp control functionality – the on-off functionality, so that more electronic equipment can be installed without the need to shut off the power.”

The device is based on Micron's MIK51SC72D microchip, which is certified as a data encryption tool according to KS-3 with support for domestic encryption algorithms GOST R34.12-2015 and GOST 28147-89.

MIK51SC72D is manufactured by Micron in accordance with the 180 nm technology standards and has the status of a Level-1 microchip. During operation, the radio controller responds to changes in all the specified parameters of lighting devices, the data comes to a centralized cloud platform and is available for processing and operational decision making online via the operator’s personal account and dispatcher’s dashboard.

This solution enables the online monitoring of lighting devices, minimizes troubleshooting costs and reduces the need for manual control by maintenance workers. Such devices can also enable the turning on and off of individual street lights or whole groups of them in order to adjust street light brightness based on specific outdoor conditions.

The IoT segment represents an area of growth for Micron. The company has more than 10 IoT-ready devices and sensors, some of which are manufactured in partnership with other Russian companies. Among these products are utility metering devices (water, gas, electricity, heating), smart waste bin sensors, a museum security device, and even a livestock tracking solution.

15 august 2019