Success Accelerator: New Program to Assist Moscow Exporters of Health-Related Products

Businessmen will be able to grow their international sales quickly.

An export acceleration program for health-related companies domiciled in Moscow is going to launch on 16 September. It is expected to help entrepreneurs grow their international sales quickly and efficiently.

The program is intended for top managers of promising export companies manufacturing medical equipment, devices and consumables, medical ITs, furniture, vehicles, as well as representatives of pharmaceutical companies and industry services providers.

Up to three representatives of each of the 50 companies will be able to enrol in the program. Moscow Export Centre (MEC), managed by the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovations, is going to cover 85 per cent of the participation costs.

The program is projected to run for six months and consists of several stages. At the first stage, industry professionals will assess the companies’ preparedness for full-fledged exports. The entrepreneurs selected are going to be provided with a specialized target market research.

The second stage will include preparatory coaching before entering the international market. Based on the knowledge they gain, the companies will be able to make roadmaps. The participants are also expected to meet their prospective partners, receive recommendations on promoting their products and participate in a workshop attended by international experts.

The third stage provides for organizing a business mission to one of Asian countries. The mission will take place in March 2020. The name of the country will be selected by voting scheduled to August 26. The business mission will provide the participants with an opportunity to discuss possible export contracts with their prospective customers.

“The city will provide our businessmen with a number of tools to ensure quick and efficient launch of their products and services to the international market. One of those tools is financing the lion’s share of participation expenses related to the acceleration programs intended to boost export sales. Each participant of our accelerator will get an opportunity to personally meet renowned industry experts, receive a short-list of 5 to 15 potential partners and clients, and a road map to enter the target market,” said Alexei Fursin, Head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovations.

The accelerator was developed by Moscow Export Centre in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Application for the program will be open till September 2 on its official website.

Moscow Export Centre was established by the Moscow Government to foster relationships with the business community when it comes to the issues of support and promotion of their products in Russian and international markets.


20 august 2019