Technopolis Moscow Resident to Produce RFID Flag Tags

Micron, a resident of the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone, has launched the mass production of new RFID flag tags, which are designed for labeling and tracking various products. The tag's flag shape enables the identification of objects within a 5-meter range.

Flag tags can be mounted on glass, metal, foil and mirror surfaces, including those of bottles and storage containers, to enable greater automation of asset management and tracking in warehouses.
“The new RFID tag is designed as a flag tag, so that only its flat part that will be attached to a product's surface has an adhesive layer. The tag's antenna remains in the air and has no contact with the surface. Thus, the tag can be easily mounted on any surface and it will be easy to read. The new tag has successfully passed laboratory and field tests and is ready for mass production,” comments Alexey Markin, head of the RFID laboratory at Micron.

Micron's M3946 RFID UHF tag has a total size of 39x46 mm. It has a special strap for sticking on bottles and other objects of non-standard shapes. The tag's shape enables five times longer read ranges in comparison with similar size flat tags. 

“RFID has many application areas, which is why Micron's products are in demand on the Russian market. Having its own RFID laboratory allows the company to come up with solutions that are yet to find mass adoption. Micron is closely associated with technological leadership, import substitution and the harmonious integration of complex solutions into the everyday life of citizens,” says Igor Ishchenko, CEO at Technopolis Moscow.

17 august 2019