More Than 200 Support Options Available to Innovation Cluster Residents

This year, the Moscow Innovation Cluster commenced operations. Its information platform brings together the city's small and medium-sized businesses, industry and research organizations, IT companies and startups.

Specialists from various industries have an opportunity to establish partnerships, join efforts and resources to design new products or implement large-scale projects.

The cluster increases the enormous innovation potential concentrated in Moscow. The platform contains information about more than 30 thousand companies and 125 thousand products. These companies can take advantage of more than 200 support options provided to them by federal and local authorities, as well as by development institutions.

“The cluster works for all companies that are focused on innovation or use advanced technologies in their projects. It is built on the principle of an open community, which provides opportunities for productive growth to all participants. The cluster will not only drive economic growth, but will also create new jobs, attract professionals from high-tech industries, and become a catalyst for the development of science and education. Successful implementation of the project in Moscow will be the starting point for the development of similar projects nationwide,” said Alexey Fursin, head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development.

To receive the status of a Moscow Innovation Cluster resident, candidates must register at 


20 september 2019