Skolkovo to Be Autodata's Pilot Site

The Skolkovo Foundation has joined a cross-industry consortium to create Autodata, a platform that will be gathering big data from all motor vehicles used in Russia. Other members of the consortium include government agencies, automotive manufacturers, and IT companies.

“Autodata is expected to consolidate big data generated by vehicles, including data on technical condition and speed, driving styles, road profiles, weather conditions and the environment,” the Kommersant newspaper reported earlier.

“I think we have all the necessary elements for success,” said Arkady Dvorkovich, chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation, at the signing ceremony for the consortium.

“Skolkovo will become the first ecosystem where relevant data will be collected, where information received by Autodata will be accumulated and analyzed,” Dvorkovich said. “We are always ready to be a testing ground. At the same time, we are also a place for serious research in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and quantum technologies necessary for the development of this platform,” he said, explaining that the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology plays a central role in the project.

“We are a place where our partners work on their own projects, including those focused on 5G, IoT, and other technologies, and we are grateful to our partners for their collaboration with us,” continued the chairman. “Among them are MTS, Rostelecom, Nokia, and Sberbank. We have hundreds of startups whose solutions can be integrated into the models that will be created in the near future as part of our consortium.”

“The consortium will not only synchronize the actions of all participants, but will also give a new impetus to the development of technologies and to the inclusion of our startups and partners. Skolkovo will be the first pilot site for the implementation of the platform, and Skolkovo transportation systems and vehicles will be the first data providers for Autodata,” said Oleg Dubnov, vice president of the Skolkovo Foundation and head of the energy efficient technology cluster.

The Association of Big Data Market Participants (ABD) estimates its volume in Russia at 10–30 billion rubles a year. Within five years, it can grow to 300 billion rubles, Kommersant reports.

Autodata's initial services will become available to companies and car owners before the end of 2019.


30 september 2019