Winno Moscow Introduces 7 Local Startups

On October 24, the international accelerator Winno Moscow held a demo day for its fourth acceleration program at the Alexander Skryabin Museum.

Seven companies presented their b2b solutions:

  • Automatica is an enterprise AI-based messenger and a chat bot. The solution package includes a knowledge base, quest training, reporting, news and internal currency. There is an opportunity to separate personal and work chats and brand them to specific customer requirements. The solution is designed for field employees (promoters, sales representatives, retail outlet personnel, etc.).
  • Foodism is a mobile food search and recommendation app that takes into account the user's dining preferences and location. Dishes can be added by both restaurants and users who can also receive points for their contributions. The app already works in St. Petersburg and can be downloaded from the App Store.
  • VR Supersonic is a VR platform for teaching communication skills to employees. The system enables the user to create training simulations in 15-20 minutes and doesn't require prior knowledge of programming. VR Supersonic supports English and Russian.
  • Msk-Msk is a solution for sport clubs experiencing problems with process automation. The solution has been adopted by three hockey clubs in Moscow.
  • Plannerix is an interior design robot capable of recognizing room layout images and creating interactive widgets with 2D and 3D designs that can be viewed in augmented and virtual reality.
  • Tango is a proptech PaaS solution to create digital twins of buildings in order to improve operations management and customer interactions. Tango is being used by Metropolis Shopping Center and Leroy Merlin Zil in Moscow as well as by Galeria Shopping Center in St. Petersburg.
  • Vien is a service that enables TV channels and video content owners to automatically convert large volumes of SD video to HD.


Thanks to the acceleration program, all seven companies held pilot projects for their solutions and found new customers.

Winno Moscow positions itself as an international accelerator for emerging tech entrepreneurs with global potential.

31 october 2019