GenerationS Named Among World's Top Five Public Business Accelerators

In a ranking covering 82 countries, GenerationS has been named among the top accelerators in the world.

The analytical firm UBI Global has presented its World Benchmark Study 2019-2020, an in-depth study and ranking of business accelerators and incubators from around the world.

GenerationS, an RVC corporate acceleration platform, is named among the world's top five public business accelerators. According to UBI Global, GenerationS has demonstrated outstanding achievements in providing value to its innovation ecosystems and client startups. The platform also scored high in terms of program attractiveness and post-graduation performance. 

UBI Global has assessed a total of 1580 programs for universities, public and private business incubators and accelerators. 364 of these programs located in 82 countries were selected for the final study and compared in 21 key performance indicators.

Winners were selected in six categories:

Top university business incubators
Top public business incubators
Top private business incubators
Top university business accelerators
Top public business accelerators
Top private business accelerators

The award ceremony was held on November 6 at the World Incubation Summit in Doha, Qatar.

UBI Global measures the impact and performance of business incubation and acceleration programs with a proprietary evaluation model. While assessing the programs, UBI Global takes into account their financial performance, quality of services provided, as well as the number of successful startups, graduates and residents in the last five years.

“Following a rigorous data-driven approach, we assessed and benchmarked incubation programs across the world. Our World Benchmark Study 2019-2020 is in tune with the multiple facets of the international incubation ecosystem and illustrates key challenges and opportunities faced by the participating programs,” says Holger Meyer, Director of Research at UBI Global.

“GenerationS has an extensive experience of working with innovations in international markets; today, companies from all over the world are becoming our partners. Constantly confronted with new challenges and complex tasks, we build up expertise and professionalism, which is noticed by international experts. On behalf of the whole team, I would like to thank the experts for the high appreciation of our work”, says Ekaterina Petrova, Director of GenerationS.

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12 november 2019